Collection 2023

The missing piece in your life: Dance

This collection seeks to explore the profound connection between human beings and the objects they created through the art of dance and the human body

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Collection 2020

Granja Sunset

Always amazed by sunsets, especially those near the beach where the sun sets over the sea. One day, where the sky was unusually magic with a big full moon in the back, I decided that was a sign to do it.

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Collection 2019


Continuing to be inspired by nature and its capacity for transformation, in this collection we introduced, on one hand, familiar products in new colors, and on the other, completely new products. The highlight is the new lamp, Entrelaçado, a partnership with Musgo Studio.

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Collection 2018

Blossom Time

This collection is inspired by the beautiful diversity of nature's flowers, particularly their blossoming stage, which symbolizes a fresh cycle and new beginnings. It features two new products, a side table and planters.

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Collection 2017

Cycles from nature

Inspired by the nature seasons and exploring their colors, with this collection we wanted to bring you the best product designs, transforming your environment in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

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