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WASTED – How plastic waste become local currency?

WASTED – How plastic waste become local currency?

WASTED is a community project in Netherlands that are changing behaviors!
In the neighborhood of Amsterdam Noord, CITIES, a foundation that research, communicate and promote local solutions for global problems, started WASTED for support and encourage plastic waste recycling and upcycling. So in exchange of plastic waste that are given at their Laboratory, people receive WASTED Coins to spend on deals and discounts at local business.

Then in their laboratory they transform the plastic waste into blocks for reuse and create new objects, like benches, planters or stages for the community.
To give more awareness, they still promote some workshops in their lab and give educational packages to better educate individuals on the role plastic plays in everyday life and make plastic experts.

This is why green plastic coins are becoming a new currency in…

Small, green, plastic coins. The latest weapon against waste. Read more: http://wef.ch/2oSHf3s

Zveřejnil(a) World Economic Forum dne 20. duben 2017

For more information about this project visit WASTED website.

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