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The Polyter

The Polyter

Jinja is glad to talk about another ecological invention, that grows everything almost everywhere. This time, we are thrilled to know more about – Polyter – a way for water saving and increased yields. The Polyter is a water reducer made up of small pellets that has the power to almost replace water. Polyter is an amazing invention that was born thanks to Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno, a French horticulturist installed in the Gers, who has been doing an unbelievable work all over the world.

It is by transforming into gelatine that the small granules of Polyter (resembling fine pale green crystals) nourish the soil with water and nutrients without the need or almost to water the crops. It can actually swell and hold up to 500 times its volume in water. Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno believes that his invention saves 50 to 80% of water while increasing yields up to 30%.


The polyter, the invention that grows everything almost everywhere

From Arcachon to Fources, Egypt, via Dax, to the United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Burkina Faso, Canada and especially Senegal, the Polyter performs prodigies by changing sand to turf and reviving production Agriculture in arid or disaster areas.

Aware of the importance of his invention, and because Its ambition is not to become rich but to help grow plants more easily, economically and without waste, Philippe kept his humbleness, respecting his principles and ethical values. As a result, he continues to produce his phenomenal product himself in his tiny factory and unambiguously rejected to give his patents to big agri-food companies, even for substantial sums.

“I do not want my technology to belong to a large group. I want to be able to keep looking at myself in the mirror, ” says Philippe.

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