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Plastic Free July Challenge

Plastic Free July Challenge

Plastic Free July  is a initiative which aim is challenge citizens to choose to refuse single-use plastic during July. And create awareness of the problems of using it.
If you accept the challenge, you will receive tools and tips to get good results!
One of the things is a list that you can print with a lot of actions to avoid and how is the best way to deal with it.

( to download and print the action picker go to www.plasticfreejuly.org/action-picker.html )

Some of the simple actions are:
– Avoid to use plastic shopping bags and plastic packaging;
– Refuse small single-use plastic objects like straws, takeaway cups, plastic cutlery, balloons;
– Reduce the use of plastic as much as you can, choosing alternatives;
– Recycling what cannot be avoided;
– and much more…

If you didn’t realise yet, plastic is everywhere at your home and packaging in shops. So will not be difficult to join the challenge at least with one of the actions.

Why are so important this actions?

Because this plastic objects are made from a material that is designed to last forever and most of it ends up in the landfill or in the ocean where we have already proves that is killing a lot of marine animals.

(Photo of my local beach in Portugal at Winter showing the amount of plastic packaging that was washed ashore)

Consequently this are transfer to our food chain bringing chemicals to our bodies. And this is one of the materials that improves most our eco-footprint.

In the website Plastic Free July you will find a lot of information for living free of plastic.
Get involve and improve your life and our planet not just in July but all year long.

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