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How to clean a Jinja product

How to clean a Jinja product

After some questions about how to clean and wash a Jinja product, we decide to show you with this small video how easy it is.

If the piece just have some dust, use a damp cloth or duster for cleaning. But if it has more dirt, in case of be using for fruit bowl, you can wash it. For that you will hand wash with a soft sponge, preferably with a Luffa Sponge, that we told you about in this post and a eco detergents, which we show you the benefits a while ago, here. Then you can rinse it with a cloth or just let it dry thoroughly and that’s it!

See the video below, to better unsderstand how to wash your Jinja product. If you have any other doubt, you can write us for our e-mail info@jinjaritual.com

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