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Eco cleaning – Soap nuts

Eco cleaning – Soap nuts

We are back this week to share with you another example of a natural product that can helps us having a more sustainable lifestyle. As you should know, this was the main reason we created this blog and also the inspiration behind the creation of the Jinja brand. On our last post we talked about Luffa sponges and natural fibers brush, and on this one we would like to show you Saponaria nuts. Have you ever heard about them?

The Saponaria nuts are a great alternative to traditional soaps and they come from Ritha wild trees (Sapindus Mukorossi), grown mainly in Nepal and India. Actually, they aren’t really nuts, but the dry skin of fruits from those trees that contain saponina ( antibacterial properties ) when in contact with water makes foam, just like soap. Doesn’t pollute water chains and are biodegradable, being able to be reuse for fertilizations in pots.

image via flickr

So like we said, they are a great ecological option, without chemicals, anti allergic and cheap, that can be used for laundry washing, dish or surface washing, and for shower gel or shampoo, being a all-in-one product. Because of it’s anti allergic properties, they are good for baby sensitive skin.

Now you may ask yourself “ How do I use soap nuts?” – we shall explain it to you. [laundry washing] Usually, the nuts come in half, so you should put 4 to 6 half ( 2 to 3 nuts) into the cotton bag that comes with the nuts or in a sock if you prefer. Insert the cotton bag in the washing machine, et voilá! Could not be easier! Each nut can be use to a maximum of four times, depending on your washing temperature program.

Some important notes:

– You should always check instructions, depending on the brand that carries them, it can have specific variations.

–  It is possible that some stains (which are by nature harder to disappear) may not come out. In those cases, clothing should be previously treated – soaking it in warm water with another eco product, such as baking soda or a eco laundry bleach.

– Saponaria nuts are unscented. Personally, we like to add some drops of essencial oil into the cotton bag, to add that extra fresh smell scent after washing. It is however a personal choice.

Well, we order online, from Écoidées brand through Círculo Bio, but you have a lot of option, like Planet Pure on Celeiro, Rebento or Miristica. Try to find it on your ecological local store or online shop.

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