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Get To Know (nº1) – Designer Austeja Platukyte

Hi everyone! This week we would like to present you a new section from our blog. It’s purpose is to raise awareness about projects from other professionals which, like Jinja, care about having a sustainable life and dedicate your work to the respect of environment, by their creative process or through the use of recycled… View more

Reusable bottles and water filters

Over the last few weeks, we have been talking about the danger of disposable plastic and showing you different alternatives to replace its use. Another one is change bottled water to reusable bottles, with filters that improve the taste and remove impurities from tap water. In this article, we will provide you some options to… View more

Eco cleaning – Ecological detergents

Eco cleaning – Ecological detergents

This week we want to talk about ecologic detergents. This kind of detergents should be used instead of traditional ones, that have more negative effects we could think of for our health and environment. Traditional detergents contain harmful ingredients that are not retained in water treatment systems, ends up in the oceans and therefore in… View more