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Biodegradable Toothbrushes

Nowadays having a sustainable lifestyle is starting to be very trendy ( althought that shouldn’t be the reason but rather as awareness about the necessity of a sustainable planet, is always better than nothing), so are flourishing a lot of alternatives to traditional products that we use for cleaning home, personal care or other daily routine.

In last weeks we were showing you some of those alternatives and this week will not be an exception. Being aware of the negative impact of plastic waste in our planet, we will talk about biodegradable toothbrush. It can be made of bamboo or cornstarch, but bamboo toothbrushes have been more produced and used, so we will focus on those in this post.

Imagem: babueco.com

And what is a bamboo toothbrush? One of the best sustainable and ecologic alternative to traditional plastic toothbrushes ( which takes at least 400 years to decompose and produce tons of waste every year)

Made of bamboo, a plant with the biggest rate of daily growth and one of the faster renewable resources in the world ( with more that 1250 species), those toothbushes are almost 100% biodegradable (only need to take out the bristles and recycle it because usually it contains Nylon fibers) and it’s use have a lot of benefits.

Imagem: pixabay.com

The bamboo, is a plant with highest concentration of silica in the world (this strengthens calcium effect in bone-building and strong teeth) and still is a natural antibacterial which prevents the proliferation and growth of harmful bacteria. Also it can regenerate after being cut, it can live till 100 years and nowadays it has already more than 4000 possible uses.

You can find a lot of different models and brands, so our advice is that you try out some, until you find the model that suit you best. Only while brushing you will feel, if in terms of ergonomic, it is the perfect for you. We are using the toothbrushes from Babu, that have children size and different types of bristles available. After brushing, you should leave it in a dry place, with no contact with water because bamboo will become darker due to humidity. It is advised to replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months ( like you should do with plastic ones).

Imagem: babueco.com





A small note for the toothpaste, if possible only use bio toothpaste, because the regular ones contain a lot of chemicals that shoud never be in contact with our bodies, like sodium fluoride, triclosan, parabens or propylene glycol. The ones from Jack N’ Jill, through Círculo Bio, UNII, through Organii, or Georganics, at Mind the Trash  are very good examples!

You can find Babu toothbrushes, for example, through MiristicaPegada Verde or Loja Vegetariana.

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