Amazing Newspaper That Becomes a Plant is Coming From Japan

Amazing Newspaper That Becomes a Plant is Coming From Japan

 Japan once more demonstrates to be an advanced country. Its latest invention consists in a newspaper made of recycled and vegetable paper that you can plant after you’ve read it. It is called “Green Newspaper” and was invented by the publisher of the famous Japanese daily, The Mainichi Shimbunsha – a one hundred percent sustainable newspaper. If you plant it, it will grow. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “Seed Portuguese newspaper” that we could plant in our garden or even public park? Jinja would definitely support that project. 

Paper that can be planted has been on the market for some years and is a mixture of recycled paper, water and small flowers or herbs seeds (it can also be easily made at home). Ways to re-use your recycled paper: once you’ve finished with it, tear it into small pieces, plant and water it and within a few weeks you’ll have plants and flowers.

Who invented the “Gren Newspaper”? 

One of Japan’s largest advertising agencies – Dentsu Inc

This not the first sustainable initiative undertaken by the Japanese daily. Its commitment to environmental protection is already well-known thanks to a previous advertising campaign on – water donations for populations suffering from thirst. 



This brilliant eco-friendly newspaper has had a huge success, a circulation of over four million copies a day across the country and revenues of about eighty million yen, equivalent to over $700,000. The initiative has also involved schools, in order to raise children’s awareness on environmental issues and teach them the importance of recycling.

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