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About Jinja

Jinja designs and produce a wide range of original, handcrafted products made from 100% recycled textile waste.
Founded by portuguese designer Norma Silva, in 2012, Jinja seeks sharing enjoyable rituals from our daily life through beautiful, sustainable products.
Our respect for nature underlies our entire eco-design creative process, meaning Jinja products come with a seal of responsibility!
In their collections, had already the collaboration of the australian designer Tom Allen in the design of drink coolers and setting up the bussiness model and marketing strategies.

Jinja products are responsibly handmade in Portugal and have been designed around the world.

About Designers


Colaborations Designers

Norma Silva

Norma Silva founded Jinja in 2012 with a strong desire to create beautifully handmade designed products in a completely sustainable way.
A love for travelling and learning about other cultures made her move to Madrid, Barcelona and Los Angeles. In Barcelona she made the Master of Product Design, at Elisava and a intership in Novell-Puig Design. In Los Angeles, under the program Inov-Art, worked in design and art studio Ball-Nogues Studio. In Madrid, she made the Set Design Master, by IED Madrid.
After these experiences her design vision took a more manual than industrial approach and she began to work with a much more personalised, handcrafted emphasis.
She always places great attention on eco-design and sustainability within both her work and personal life, a concern since her first studies in product design at ESAD-Matosinhos. She believes that the designer should have a main role in changing behaviors and consciousness of the consumers.

Tom Allen

As an Australian, that lived in Barcelona almost a decade, Tom Allen (www.tomallendesign.com) has a cross cultural understanding which has come from travelling, living and working in various countries around the world. Passionate about creating rich user experiences and brand value through innovative, engaging and meaningful products and services, he consults using a strategic approach to develop and enhance his clients’ business across the spectrum of digital marketing and communications strategy, industrial and experience design. Tom believes sustainable living and ecodesign practice should no longer be an overlooked choice, but a moral obligation to both designers and consumers alike. Tom has exhibited at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan (2012), Valencia Design Week (2010) and 100% Design London (2008). Previously, Tom co-founded Barcelona based industrial design studio The Emotion Lab with a team of 3 other international designers. He recently move back to Australia, where he is using his previous experiences to create an innovative new business.