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Precious Plastic: transforming plastic waste into valuable things

Precious Plastic: transforming plastic waste into valuable things

Would you be interested on being part of a plan that will allow people, anywhere in the world to transform plastic waste into valuable things? Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has created his series of Precious Plastic machines, which anyone can build and use to make products by recycling the material. The designer described them as “a solution to plastic pollution”, and they are available online for anyone to download and build. The devices are made using everyday materials and basic tools that Hakkens said are available all over the world.

In order to get Precious Plastic going he requested via online asking for a machine builder to help. Alex Kees replied and the project rebooted. The development started again, some other great people joined the project as well, and everyone contributed their expertise. They are sharing it for free since they believe this has the biggest impact on recycling. Therefore trying to make it as easy as possible for people to start.


Precious Plastic objects creation


How does Precious Plastic works?

Dave Hakkens started in 2013 with Version 1.0, and over the last years Precious Plastic Machines team worked on Version 2.0. The plastic objects that have been created are not for sale and used as examples to show others what is possible. However they would love it if you start selling objects you create though. They don´t sell machines as well as they prefer people to build them locally or hire someone there. Still you can connect with someone that can build you a set machine right here.

And you you may wonder: can I make the machines and sell them?

Yes, they would truly enjoy it. The more people who recycle, the better, and the profits are all yours. 


Precious Plastic objects creation


How can you help Precious Plastic Community?

Join the community, spread the word, (the more people know about this project the more plastic that gets recycled); donate; build machines (this isn’t for everyone though, so as a non-builder you can also help out in the forums where they are trying to connect people with machine builders.

An important aspect of the project is to create a world wide community of like-minded plastic savers. People working for a cleaner future, sharing knowledge, helping each other, and collaborating. Want to join? 



More info at: https://preciousplastic.com/en/

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