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10 Eco-friendly Gifts

We can say we are in one of the most beautiful season of the year: Christmas! How much of us started to think about the gifts one month ago? And who didn’t have time yet to think about it? With this in mind we made a selection of 10 ecological gifts for all the family. Here they are:

1 ) Noocity Urban Ecology

Noocity Ecologia Urbana, produce intelligent products and services for urban agriculture. One of their products is the Noocity Growbed, a eficient and productive garden, that saves water, produce more compared to a regular garden and don’t need daily watering.

See all the products here.

Imagem: Noocity Urban Ecology


2 ) Unii – Organic Skin Food Cosmetics

Unii is a new portuguese cosmetic brand characterized for being biological, vegan and ecologic that have already floral waters, solid shampoo, soaps, corporal oils, essencial oils, oil fragance, oral care and shea butter. All of them are packaged with care, free of plastic.

Imagem: Organii

3 ) Natural dyeing cloths by “Flávia Aranha”

In 2009, the brasilian fashion designer Flávia Aranha open her first shop and studio, characterized by natural dyeing fabrics made from Brasilian plants and herbs, botanical print, natural and biodegradable fibres. All the production are handcrafted with a sense of environmental responsability.

In Portugal you can find her work at Casa-Pau Brasil in Lisbon or in her website.

Image: Flávia Aranha website

4 ) “Zero Waste” book

The book “Zero Waste” from Bea Johnson is a essencial guide for those looking for a more sustainable lifestyle. Based in the ideas of the 5 “R’s”, Refuse ( what we don’t need), Reduce ( consumption), Reuse, Recicle ( what we can’t refuse) and Rot, this book will help you  improve your life by reducing your waste.

Image: Zero Waste Home

5 ) Musgo Lights

Musgo is a design brand that produce wood and concrete furniture, in particular lights. All the wood are reused from old houses, that will be rebuilt, giving a new life to this waste material.
You can see the products here.

Imagem: Musgo

6 ) Reed basket bags Victoria Handmade 

The portuguese brand Victoria Handmade came up from the desire to preserve a family tradition of 65 years, the art of weaving the reed, but giving a contemporary approach. All the bags and baskets are handmade by two women of the family, Esperança (founder) and her sister Carla Vitória.
You can see all collection here.

Imagem: Victoria Handmade

7 ) “Margarida Fabrica” ceramics

Margarida Fabrica is the brand from portuguese designer and ceramist Margarida Melo Fernandes. Her focus is to create homewares for the kitchen that helps us in our basic need, the feeding, like dishes, bowls, etc. With her grandmother started the interest in collecting old objects and this influence her handcrafted production.

Discover her products here.

Image: Margarida Fabrica

8 )  Toys and decor for childrens with So-So Store 

João and Maria, both architects, started So-So Store, “Assim Assim” in portuguese, in 2016. The desire of creating objects that remind us our childhood and provide meaning to special moments, lead them to handmade all pieces with natural materials, like wood and fabric. All products are inspired in traditional portuguese sayings.

You can see all products here.

Imagem: So-So Store

9 ) “Inês Telles”Jewerly

Portuguese designer Inês Telles, graduated in Art History, founded a jewerly brand with the same name, in 2009. Almost all the pieces are made with silver or gold, being created with traditional and handmade jewerly technics and inspired by the memories of places and shapes with a personal touch.

See her work here.

Image: via Timeout Lisboa

10 ) Kids clothes “Miss Castelinhos”

For the little ones, we want to talk about Miss Castelinhos, founded by Diana Pais. The brand as special features, because all clothes are unisex, which in Diana words means, accept and treat all equal and is sustainable. The pieces are designed and produced in Portugal, reusing the cotton from industrial textil waste. The designer believes if clothes tells a story will be harder to get rid of it.
All products are available here.

Image: Miss Castelinhos


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